Welcome to my site

On this site you will have some insights in my projects. I will also post some tutorials, if I see a need for it, so that you can start your own projects based on this knowledge. The main topics will be microcontrollers (including sensors, outputdevices, Internet-of-Things, etc.), motorcycles, networks, NodeJS, virtualization, etc. etc.
So some of the nerd-stuff should be covered. ;-)

Maybe you know my old site, based the ingenious CMS Joomla.
After many years (and different versions) I wanted to change something. My intention was to use the same concept, but with less overhead. After a year being "offline" (do not worry, I tried a lot of different systems in my local lab), I decided to switch to a modern file-based CMS and chose Grav therefore. It will take some time to move all the content to this new platform, so please be patient and give me some time. (Maybe I will not move all projects/tutorials, because some of them are outdated.)