May I introduce Philipp Stiller to you?

As you can guess my name is Philipp Stiller and I was born in 1989 in Vienna, Austria. I am a developer and maker with heart and soul. And that is how it started: My father has ever been an IT-guy since I can remember. So it is no surprise that I got in touch with computers in very early years. At the age of about 9 years I started programming. The reason were the limited possibilities of a Lego Cybermaster. So I started to learn Visual Basic as my first programming language. In the following years I added HTML and JavaScript to my knowledge. After the mandatory school I decided to visit a higher technical collage in Vienna (HTL Donaustadt) with the spezialization "EDV und Organisation" (engl.: IT and organisation). I continued my education at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (Business, Economics and Social Sciences - business information systems).
During my student days I realized a lot of different projects for clients and friends. After my graduation I started full-time working for a large company. In my job I am working on topics like BigData, Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things, but I have also the possibility to use my business knowledge in cooperation with my colleagues from the financial departments.


Due to the fact that my job mainly requires my brain to work I was looking for something else to get in balance. Here is a short excerpt.

Racing bicycle and skates


At the age of 18 I got my driving license for the classes A (motorcycle) and B (car). One year later I bought my first motorcycle, an Aprilia Pegaso 650 ML. The technical limitations of this motorcycle initiated my interest in microcontrollers. My plan was to build a multifunctional cockpit including all the information a modern motorcycles can display. After 4 years I switched to Kawasaki Versys 650. End of 2015 I added a Kia Ceed to my vehicle fleet. (After 8 years of driving exclusively motorcycles.)

Remote controlled stuff




Nowadays my knowledge covers a lot of different topics. For example: