One of my biggest problems is that I am having so many different projects. So if I do not write down important steps I tend to forget them and I have to find the solution again from scratch. Because I am doing this now for the third time I am now writing it down.

The last few weeks showed us that the Internet-of-Things can be pretty dangerous, e.g.: Mirai Again: DT Outage a Precursor to Larger DDoS Attack. Especially if the devices are able to communicate with the internet there is a high risk! But I think this is not the only hazard. What happens if someone gets into your network because of an insecure device? This posting will list some actions the possible of such an attack.

As you might have noticed I am working on some projects. And if you are in the same situation you will also know the following problem: When you need to switch back to an old project, nobody knows why, you need a good documentation. Typically I am taking additional internal notes while working on a project. Another really common problem is that more and more people have multiple devices and nobody wants to keep his data on an USB-sticks or copy data manually all the time. So in this post I am going to describe my used tools.