Today I have got my new PC and started setting it up. I have moved a lot of files from my old system to my new one but something seems to be misconfigured.

I have realized many projects based on webapplications. When you jump into this topic you tend to use XAMPP and there is nothing to say against it. To be honest, I still use this application. It is super easy and very efficient because you do not have to spend too much time with the configuration of your local server. But there is a very common failure many beginners tend to make: they do not use the full power of the tool.

A Raspberry Pi is not enough and a dedicated server too much? This post shows a system balancing power consumption and performance.

If you have a huge amount of servers to monitor you might use auto-updates. this is quite fine for the most of us if you have the possibility to login sometimes and do some manual maintenance-tasks. But we all know this stress during the normal day and you might not be able to do this for all the machines. And we all know Murphy so you are likely to confront the situation that your boot partition shows a usage of 100 %.

As you can read in the earlier postings I am trying to make my home smarter and smarter. The first step was the installation of connected switches in combination with Home Assistant. Now it is the turn to add some logic behind this simple devices. The first idea is to react on the people around. So we need something like a presence detector. At the moment there are multiple possible technologies. Let's have a quick look at all of them.