As you can read in the earlier postings I am trying to make my home smarter and smarter. The first step was the installation of connected switches in combination with Home Assistant. Now it is the turn to add some logic behind this simple devices. The first idea is to react on the people around. So we need something like a presence detector. At the moment there are multiple possible technologies. Let's have a quick look at all of them.

As you might have noticed I am currently updating the household with some "smart devices". All of the old 433 MHz actuators have been replaced by WiFi actuators from Sonoff. At the moment I am controlling all the actuators via the web-interface of HomeAssistant. This is basically great, but I do not want to be a slave of my smartphone/tablet/PC. Especially not for such a simple task like turning lights on or off. When I browsed itead I found a "smart switch" - the Sonoff Touch. Seconds later it was on my list of ordered items.

If you have used Home Assistant it is very likely that you also glanced at the "History"-function of the GUI. I really like this view, because it shows you relevant data in a simple way and it is very easy to find basic connections between elements. So I would like to use this feature also in the future. So you might ask yourself "Where is the problem?". If we have a look at the documentation of Home Assistant you will notice that the default database is a sqlite3-database.

One of my biggest problems is that I am having so many different projects. So if I do not write down important steps I tend to forget them and I have to find the solution again from scratch. Because I am doing this now for the third time I am now writing it down.